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Lund Brand Management Group

About us  

Lund Brand Management Group (LBMG) is a research group at Lund University School of Economics and Management (Sweden) founded in 2010. Our research focuses on strategic brand management. Our research purpose is to develop the understanding of brand phenomenon as part of business, society and the world around us at large. We are particularly interested in how strong, sustainable, and valuable brands are built and managed over time.


At the LBMG we take a broad management perspective. Our mission is to develop useful tools and theories for the application in practice of managing brands, and to forward the academic field of strategic brand management.

LBMG research topics

  • Brand orientation and market orientation (paradigms)
  • Brand identity, communication and positioning
  • Brand equity and the brand value chain (financial aspects)
  • Leadership in organisations with strong brands: Continuity and change
  • Corporate brand management / Product brand management
  • Managing portfolios of brands (brand structure and strategy)
  • Reputation and image  
  • Time and brands: Heritage, authenticity and track record
  • Digitalisation of brands and their management


June 2016
LBMG introduces two new series: I) The Strategic Brand Management: Master Papers Series is a collection of papers written in an journal format by master students, II) The Corporate Brand Management and Reputation: Master Cases Series is a collection of written cases with presentation material and teaching notes. All material is free to use and download.