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Här har vi listat de e-kursböcker som är aktuella vid Ekonomihögskolan.


Agresti, Alan

An Introduction to Categorical Data Analysis

Aken, J. E. van

Problem-Solving in Organizations, 1ed.

Allen, Larry

The Global Financial System 1750-2000

Allen, Robert C.

Living Standards in the Past

Alvesson, Mats

Changing Organizational Culture

Alvesson, Mats

Knowledge Work and Knowledge-Intensive Firms

Alvesson, Mats

Metaphors we lead by

Alvesson, Mats

Understanding Organizational Culture

Angrist, Joshua

Mostly Harmless Econometrics

Avi-Yonah, Reuven S. Global Perspectives on Income Taxation Law
Bauman, Zygmunt Globalization: The Human Consequences

Bertola, Luis

Economic Development of Latin America Since Independence

Bolman, Lee G. Reframing Organizations

Booth, Wayne C.

Craft of Research

Borchardt, Klaus-Dieter

The ABC of the European Law

Boyer, Jérôme

Agile Business Rule Development

Brooks, Chris

Introductory Econometrics for Finance, 2 ed.

Brooks, David R.

Guide to HTML, Javascript and PHP

Cameron, A. Colin

Microeconometrics: Methods and Applications

Castles, Francis G.

Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State

Chalmers, Damian European Union Law, 2 ed.

Collier, Paul

The Bottom Billion

Connolly, Thomas

Database Solutions

Corrigan, Peter

The Sociology of Consumption

Cowen, Michael P.

Doctrines of Development

Crafts, Nicholas Great Depression of the 1930s

Crane, Andrew

Oxford Handbook of Corporate Social Responsibility

Cryer, Jonathan D.

Time Series Analysis

Culp, Christopher L.

The Risk Management Process

Curry, Adrienne

Managing Information and Systems

Cypher, James M.

Process of Economic Development, 3 ed.

Damodaran, Aswath

Damodaran on Valuation

Danthine, Jean-Pierre

Intermediate Financial Theory, 2 ed.

Eck, David J.

Introduction to Programming Using Java

Egerö, Ann-Marie

Röster om lönebildning och medling

Eichengreen, Barry

Globalizing Capital

Fagerberg, Jan

The Oxford Handbook of Innovation

Feinstein, Charles H.

Making History Count

Findlay, Ronald

Power and Plenty

Finkelstein, Clive

Enterprise Architecture for Integration, 1ed.

Ganguin, Blaise

Fundamentals of Corporate Credit Analysis

Gaughan, Patrick A.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Corporate Restructuring, 4 ed.

Gilmore, W Jason

Beginning PHP and MySQL

Goetzmann, William

The Equity Risk Premium

Gray, Dale F.

Macrofinancial Risk Analysis

Gut, Allan

An Intermediate Course in Probability, 2 ed.

Han, Jiawei

Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques

Harmon, Paul

Business Process Change, 2 ed.

Harwani, Bintu M.

jQuery Recipes

Hastie, Trevor

Elements of Statistical Learning

Hepple, Bob

Transformation of Labour Law in Europe

Hevner, Alan

Design Research in Information Systems

Hoekman, Bernard

The Political Economy of the World Trading System, 2 ed.

Hoff, Peter D.

First Course in Bayesian Statistical Methods

Hopper, Trevor

Issues in Management Accounting

James, Gareth

Introduction to Statistical Learning

Jenster, Per V.

Market Intelligence

Jones, Campbell

For Business Ethics

Jones, Geoffrey

Oxford Handbook of Business History

Kanbur, Ravi

Inequality in Asia and the Pacific

Kander, Astrid

Power to the People

Kapferer, Jean-Noel

The New Strategic Brand Management

Klein, Peter New Institutional Economics

Koller, Thomas E.

Valuation, 5 ed.

Kotler, Philip

Principles of Marketing, 4 ed.

Kubr, Thomas

Från idé till företag

Lang, Michael

Introduction to European Tax Law on Direct Taxation

Leamer, Edward E.

Macroeconomic Patterns and Stories

Lin, Justin Yifu Demystifying the Chinese Economy

Lindgren, Mats

Scenario Planning

MacKay, David J.C.

Sustainable Energy

MacNavage, Terry

JavaScript for Absolute Beginners

Maddison, Angus

Chinese Economic Performance in the Long Run

Merchant, Kenneth A.

Management Control System

Nobes, Christopher

Comparative International Accounting, 9 ed.


Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital

Oshri, Ilan

Handbook of Global Outsourcing and Offshoring

Pallant, Julie

SPSS Survival Manual, 4 ed.

Perkins, Dwight H.

East Asian Development

Prasad, Pushkala

Crafting Qualitative Research

Ray, Debraj

Development Economics

Recker, Jan

Scientific Research in Information Systems

Rhode, Paul Webb

The Global Economy in the 1990s

Ruppert, David

Statistics and Data Analysis for Financial Engineering

Sapsford, Roger

Survey Research

Saunders, Mark

Research Methods for Business Students, 4 ed.

Schütze, Robert Introduction to European Law, 1 ed.

Seale, Clive

Quality of Qualitative Research

Sheather, Simon J.

Modern Approach to Regression with R

Smil, Vaclav

Creating the Twentieth Century

Stern, Philip J.

The Company-State

Tengblad, Stefan

Work of Managers

Torgo, Luís

Data Mining with R


UNIDROIT Principles

Watson, Tony

Organising and Managing Work, 2 ed.

Verbeek, Marno

A Guide to Modern Econometrics, 2 ed.

Wrigley, E. A.

Energy and the English Industrial Revolution

Yusuf, Shahid

Can East Asia Compete?

Zanden, Jan Luiten van

The Long Road to the Industrial Revolution

Zentes, Joachim

Strategic Retail Management


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