Ace Your Salary Negotiation with Unionen!


Attend this seminar to get the information, tools and arguments you need to ace your salary negotiation!

When you start applying for a full-time job after graduation, or a part-time job during your studies, you will most likely end up in a discussion about your salary and other benefits. 
On the 5th of November, the largest trade union on the private labour market in Sweden, and the largest white-collar trade union in the world, Unionen, will visit Lund University School of Economics and Management and give a seminar on how to succeed in this quite tricky situation.

Mats Pahlman from Unionen will guide you through how to improve your negotiation skills in general, how to best prepare as well as give you valuable arguments. He will also provide you with information on the full remuneration package - you can negotiate more than the salary, you know!
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5 november 2019


Holger Crafoords Ekonomicentrum EC3
Tycho Brahes väg 1
223 63 Lund