Lund Population Day 2020: Healthy Ageing


Keynote speaker at Lund Population Day 2020 is Professor Taina Rantanen

For the third year running, the Centre for Economic Demography will arrange Lund Population Day, and the date is September 24. In 2020, it will be co-arranged with Lund University Population Research Platform, LUPOP, and the theme is "Healthy Ageing". This year we welcome Professor Taina Rantanen at University of Jyväskylä as keynote speaker.

You are welcome to attend either in person (max. 30 persons) or online. Registration is required for ALL attendance! Venue for the event is Segerfalksalen, BMC in Lund.

 The program starts att 11:00 and ends at 16:30, detailed schedule can be found via link below. For more information, please see: Lund Population Day: Healthy Ageing.

Registration is closed!

24 september 2020