Tax, accounting and accountability: the frontier that accountants don’t want to address


In recent years, the interest in corporate tax reporting has increased. The G20 and the OECD's BEPS projects together with the EU's work on tax evasion have resulted in many countries introducing new rules for the exchange of information and reporting on certain tax transactions, which has increased the reporting obligation for many companies. In addition, indirect requirements have been added to public (sustainability) reporting regarding corporate tax policy and tax payments. In this regard, the UK Fair Tax Mark initiative and the international Global Reporting Initiative's new standard, GRI 207: Tax, are important examples. All in all, it can be noted that the accounting and taxation rules are undergoing major changes, and that future requirements for sustainability and transparency will, if possible, increase the challenges for the profession.

Welcome to a seminar with Professor Richard Murphy who will address the future challenges in accounting and taxation. During the past decade, Murphy has been one of the most influential persons in international tax law, as originator of country-by-country reporting, member of the Tax Justice Network, expert adviser to Fair Tax Mark and GRI 207: Tax. He is currently working as adjunct professor of International Political Economy at City University London.

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16:15 Lecture by Professor Richard Murphy
17:00 Questions / discussion
17:30 Mingle with drink and light refreshments


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About the seminar

The seminar is arranged by the Accounting Academy at Lund University and the Knut Wicksell Center for Financial Studies.


12 november 2019


Holger Crafoords Ekonomicentrum EC3
Tycho Brahes väg 1
223 63 Lund


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